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Aeklys can be used in more than 20 million of retailers around the world.

By simply connecting Aeklys to your account through your mobile app!

Starck crossed arms

Designed by Philippe Starck

“The will to work with Philippe Starck is linked to the fact that he truly is a creator and his art is timeless and makes history. We wanted to give Aeklys a real touch of elegance, of genius, the real touch of an artist. This is why we wanted no one but the best to do it.”

Fabien Raiola, Co-founder.

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Icon security


Anti-copy and anti-theft system.

Icon autonomy


Aeklys is 100% Autonomous.



All of these technologies are held in a simple ring.

Icon optimization


Aeklys meets many EU resistance norms.

Icon Waves control


NFC+ is integrated to Aeklys to make payment faster and more secure.

Icon water resistance


Aeklys is totally waterproof up to 50 meters.

Wave Control

Wave control is a patented gesture developed by ICARE Technologies to secure payments.

More than a method, it is a reflex.
You only need to slightly press Aeklys with your thumb to activate your payment whenever you want!

The Aeklys app

You can control your ring remotely.
Monitor your activity in real time.
Activate or deactivate Aeklys instantly.

The FingerSizer App

Determine your finger size very easily !

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