who is icare ?


Fabien Raiola

Fabien Raiola

General Manager & Cofounder

Jérémy Neyrou

Jérémy Neyrou

President & Cofounder


Our story

” Did you ever lost your keys ? That is what happened to me while I was spending the day at the beach, away from everything. At that time, I wondered how I could have them on me all the time… “

Jérémy Neyrou, CEO of ICARE Technologies

Why a ring ?

The ring is a piece of jewelry that we can wear daily, and use it with only one hand in an intuitive and simple way.

Our mission

At ICARE Technologies, we are convinced that, in the future, payment and identification will be made using innovating and designed supports. This is why we wanted to include our technology in a signed ring made by a visionary creator, Philippe Starck.

Our offices

ICARE Technologies is based in Ajaccio, at 4 avenue Mont Thabor, Immeuble Castellani, and also has an office at the Grande Arche de la Défense, thanks to Swave and its Startup booster.


Philippe Starck, world famous creator with multifaceted inventiveness, is always focused on the essential, his vision: that creation, whatever form it takes, must improve the lives of as many people as possible. This philosophy has made him one of the pioneers and central figures of the concept of “democratic design”.
By employing his prolific work across all domains, from everyday products (furniture, a citrus-squeezer, electric bikes, an individual wind turbine), to architecture (hotels, restaurants that aspire to be stimulating places) and naval and spatial engineering (mega yachts, habitation module for private space tourism), he continually pushes the boundaries and requirements of design, becoming one of the most visionary and renowned creators of the international contemporary scene.
Philippe Starck and his wife, Jasmine, spend most of their time on airplanes or in “middles of nowhere”.

“ We wanted to work with Philippe Starck because he is truly a timeless creator and his art are making history. We wish to give Aeklys a real touch of elegance, of genius, the real touch of an artist. This is why we wanted no one but the best to do it. “

Fabien Raiola, Cofounder of ICARE Technologies

The press talk about us

« We can do things we were once 
unable to imagine… »

20 Heures - TF1

« Payment is going to be more and more dematerialized …. We don’t have to use our credit card anymore»

Télématin - France 2

« A ring that could replace keys, badges and credit cards… »

Journal 19/45 - M6

They talk about Aeklys By Starck

Léo Duff, Youtuber.

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This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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