The use cases of Aeklys By Starck are infinite: from payment, to personal identification, from public transport ticket validation to starting your vehicle.
The features are in constant development and will be available in 2019 and 2020.


No battery. No charger.

Aeklys by Starck works with passive NFC, the same contactless technology inside our credit cards, our smartphones and our identification badges. You can leave your house peacefully and without anything in your pockets: everything is on your finger.


The ring only needs the mobile application and a simple pressure to work.

Aeklys By Starck is paired with its mobile App ICARE available on iPhone and Android. Once it is synchronized, the ring works without the smartphone assistance thanks to Wave Control system embedded. Hidden sensors allows you to activate and to control the ring actions by simply waving your hand.

Designed by Starck

The refine and timeless design of Aeklys de Starck symbolizes the union between technology and art, and creates an ultra-modern object, a piece of intelligent elegance jewel. Starck’s work on Aeklys is moving forward dematerialisation, creating with ICARE Technologies a product that can do the most and require the last possible.

“The ICARE team has created a miraculous, technological product, providing a new access to bionism, something which is of great interest to me. Bionism is being inspired by the organic in order to create technologies better adapted to humans. It is about anticipating the actual integration of objects into the human body and Aeklys is getting us one step closer. It is a luxury object of intelligence.”

Philippe STARCK


The whole world on the tip of your finger.

Just imagine your whole wallet and bunch of keys gathered in a smart ring, completely autonomous and highly secured. Besides paying with it, you will be soon able to unlock your front door, start your vehicle or even take public transport by a simple hand gesture.

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