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Customizing Easybreath masks for fighting against Covid-19


The hereunder dispositive isn’t an official or certified medical process. He was designed in the only purpose of facing an emergency situation and wouldn’t be able to replace a certified dispositive in terms of liability and results.

ICARE Technologies SAS strictly forbids any marketing or commercialization of this product, made from the Free Internet, local know-how and from a non-profit collaboration between Corsican Fab Labs and Ajaccio Hospital.

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We strongly encourage the diffusion of hereafter documents and support global thinking about amelioration and optimization of the explained process.

The current situation has to be taken seriously and it’s our duty, as Humans, to do everything we can do to help people going through this unprecedent crisis.

Document to be signed by the patient.

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The current process has been created to design NIV (Non-Invasive Ventilation) based on an Easybreath Decathlon mask customized to be connected with thed oxygen system in hospitals. This shall prevent the low number of respirators necessary to assist the hospitalized person in respiratory emergency.

The given times are estimations for a standard impression quality.

For every patient, the system requires:

  • 1  Easybreath Decathlon mask,
  • 1 Dave valve (4h30),
  • 1 Charlotte valve  (6h),
  • 1 PEEP valve (5h30 + 2h assembling),
  • 5 Venturi valves (for 5 different sizes) (11h),
  • A 5mm diameter pipe (provided by the hospitals),
  • 2 22mm diameter pipe (provided by the hospitals),
  • tank ballon (provided by the hospitals),
  • 1 antiviral filter (provided by the hospitals),
  • 1 manometer (provided by the hospitals),
  • Various plugs

Design tutorial


Hospitals oxygen taps, usually connected to respirators, has to be connected to a manometer set on 10L/min. The 5mm diameter pipe have to be plugged to the manometer and to one of the 5 Venturi valves, regarding the oxygen level in the air being inhaled by the patient. Doctors are in charge of choosing the valve to regulate the oxygen level.

The exit of Venturi valve is connected to one of the sides of Dave valve via the 22mm diameter pipe. The Dave valve allows the link with a tank balloon which will regulate the inhaled air by the patient regarding his breathing rhythm.

The exit of Dave valve is linked to the Charlotte valve, which is plugged to the Easybreath mask. It has to be reversed in its use. As a result, the chin membrane has to be in a reverse position, such as the cheeks ones. This will prevent the room to be in contact with expired and infected air, to prevent the mask to have humidity in every part and to let the patient breath ambient air in case of a lack of arriving oxygen.

While expired, air goes to the top zone of the mask and is evacuated by the exit of Charlotte valve. An antiviral filter has to be installed over there to eliminate infectious particles. On this filter, a 22mm diameter pipe will connect the PEEP valve to prevent the air to escape and to create overpressure within the mask. This will help the patient’s pulmonary alveoli work. The cleaned air will also go into the exit of PEEP valve be released outdoors.

For the medics, the Easybreath masks can be provided by Decathlon here

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We’d like to give specific thanks to:

Ajaccio Hospital, Sassari Hospital, SDIS 2A, Isinnova company, Ajaccio and Corti Fab Labs, the Corsica University, the Corsican Youth and Sports Center, the Decathlon store in Ajaccio Sarrola Carcopino and all the makers that were involved in the creation, adaptation and making of this product.

Hope it will help.

Take care and stay home.

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