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Aeklys® ring and its mobile app ICARE

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What is Aeklys® and what is its purpose?

Aeklys® is a connected ring that replaces your whole wallet and bunch of keys. It is a contactless payment method -like a credit card, it can unlock a front door or a car door -like a key, it enables you to identify -like a badge or a loyalty card… And it is so much more.

Do I have to buy a new ring when new functionalities will be available?

No, you only need to update ICARE app to enjoy the ring new functionalities.

What type of functionalities will be available?

Aeklys® has a by default embedded payment service available when it is put on the market. The other available uses can be selected through ICARE app.


How do I add the payment functionality in ICARE App?

Once the app is installed, please follow these three steps:

  • Create a user account
  • Enter your credit card numbers
  • Identity validation through the 3D Secure system

Do I have to buy a new ring when new functionalities will be available?

No, you don’t. Aeklys is able to embed all the functionalities, even the new ones. You only need to update ICARE App in order to enjoy the new ring functionalities. Then, synchronize the App with Aeklys.


How does Aeklys® ring work?

Aeklys® works exactly like a contactless credit card…. Only better! But, unlike the latter, Aeklys® ring is able to speak a lot of “languages”, which gives it an exceptional versality and the capability of embedding the majority of badges, keys or contactless cards that already exist. To use it, you only need to put it on the terminal, activate the Wave Control® system and it is done!

What is Wave Control®?

Wave Control® is a device that protects the data on the ring so that they cannot be stolen. When you want to use Aeklys, you just need to press your thumb on the external side of the ring and the latter will communicate in an encoded way with the terminal.

Does Aeklys® have a Wifi or Bluetooth connection?

No, Aeklys® does only communicate through the NFC technology. Like a contactless card, Aeklys® gets its power from the terminal only when it is used. That is why Aeklys® does not need a battery, and thus, does not need to be charged. Aeklys® will always be with you for every use during your day.

Does Aeklys use my fingerprint?

Although Aeklys has the patents for this, we made the choice not to use your biometric data on Aeklys By Starck®.


What is Aeklys level of security?

Aeklys® has a true embedded digital safe with EAL 6+ (Evaluation Assurance Level) military-level securities and possesses every bank certification in order to safely store banking information, passports or even medical data. Aeklys can be instantly and remotely deactivated if it is lost or stolen. Its Wave Control® security system is patented. The storage and exchange the ring does with its environment are entirely encrypted in AES 256 bits (Advanced Encryption Standard).

What do you do with my data?

For security reasons, information stored in Aeklys® will not be copied. It is unique and no one, expect the owner, can have access to it. Your user archives are directly and safely stored on your ICARE account, no one can see them or use them. ICARE Technologies does not deliver any of your personal/usage data.

What should I do if I lose my ring, or if it is stolen?

ICARE app can instantly deactivate the ring, no matter the distance between the latter and the smartphone. If the smartphone is not close to hand, it is possible to deactivate the ring by logging into your ICARE account from any Web interface.

Can I partially deactivate my ring?

It is possible to deactivate some specific functionalities of the ring by logging into your ICARE account from any Web interface.


How do I measure my ring size?

Our FingerSizer App is available on Apple App Store (IOS) and Google Play Store (Android). The app helps you to measure precisely your ring size.

How can I change my ring size if the order has already been processed?

Our FingerSizer App is available on Apple App Store (IOS) and Google Play Store (Android). The app helps you to measure precisely your ring size.

How many ring designs and colors are available?

Aeklys will be available in only one design and one color when it is launched. Different designs will be launched later on. If you want to know when they will be on the market, please subscribe to the ICARE Technologies newsletter.

With which material the ring is made?

The first design of the Aeklys ring is made of ABS plastic – a thermoplastic polymer. Thanks to this material, the ring is extremely impact-resistant and scratch-resistant, it is waterproof and has a refined finish. It also enables us to sell Aeklys® at a reasonable price and recycle it at the end of life.


Why does the ring only last 3 years?

The security component in the ring only lasts 3 years, and just like your credit card, it must be regularly replaced in order to integrate the last security standards on the market. 

Notifications sent by our app will keep you updated when the 3-year period comes to an end and Aeklys® will stop working.

What do I have to do with my ring after this 3-years period?

ICARE Technologies has a recycling process for the Aeklys rings. To include your ring in this recycling process, two solutions are available:

  • Sent it by mail through a packing slip you can edit on our website or on our mobile app ICARE (to come).
  • Drop it off directly at one of our partners (list to come).
Upon receipt, ICARE Technologies will offer you a discount voucher for the next purchase of an Aeklys® ring.


What is ICARE Technologies’ policy concerning returns and refunds?

If the ring has not been worn and does not fit, you can contact our team to make an exchange.

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