A ring made to set yourself free

ICARE Technologies has designed a smart ring named Aeklys to simplify the daily use of our means of payment.
It is an innovating, design and fashionable payment mean to break free from your current credit card.

ICARE, the origin

The concept was born from a misadventure, and then, the ambition of a new tomorrow. Aeklys is the dematerialized key for a new everyday life: freer, simpler, safer.

”-Have you ever lost your keys? That is what happened to me while I was spending the day at the beach, away from everything. And I wondered, how can I have them with me at all time…
-But, why a ring?
-The ring is a piece of jewelry that we wear daily. Hands are the most intuitive and convenient way to interact with the world. So using a ring came by itself.” - Jeremy Neyrou.

Our vision

At ICARE Technologies, we are convinced that, in the future, payment and identification will be made using innovating and design supports. This is why we wanted to include our technologies in a ring designed by a visionary.

Aeklys is a jewel of technology we can wear every day.

Jeremy Neyrou



Fabien Raiola


General Manager

Philippe Starck
Artistic Director

Today, a strong team of specialists are building up our future at ICARE Technologies.

Team ICARE Technologies