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All starts with the idea to get free of all the constraints of our daily lives : keys, credit cards, batteries... and make the life simple without stress and with security. AEKLYS, the new born from ICARE Technologies is the smart ring which is going to revolutionize the life of the users. Coupled with a phone app, 28 uses can directly be imported into the ring to do everything with a simple movement: "the wave to…".

A futurist idea a couple of years ago, becomes today a concrete innovation in constant evolution with technologies, to become as indispensable as invisible...


100% Autonomous

A permanent energy recovery system integrated in he ring allows a total autonomy.

100% Optimized

To reach a complete autonomy, the development of the components integrated in the ring has been designed to consume as little energy as possible.

100% Reliable

To quickly and safely exploit the potential of AEKLYS, the ring includes an anti-theft, anti-copy system and AES 256 encryption.

100% Miniaturized

ICARE Technologies has acquired a strong expertise in miniaturization of microelectronics, to respect the important dimensional constraints of a ring.

AEKLYS, the smart ring

Everyday, Man comes into contact with his environment through his hands. Moreover, one of the recurring fears is related to the loss of essential objects in everyday life.

That’s the reason why ICARE Technologies has developed an intelligent ring along with a smartphone app from where settings will be managed.

For safety reasons, this ring is equipped with several patented systems worldwide. AEKLYS's main goal is to make life easier for all users. Up to 28 functions integrated in the ring and usable with a simple gesture.

You can manage all devices linked to your ring using our mobile application.

one of the first 2000 rings

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Life-size test
Aeklys Xperience
First life-size test of the ring organized in Ajaccio, headquarters of ICARE Technologies. For ten days, 30 influencers from varied backgrounds will come to try Aeklys through a whole range of activities on the basin of great Ajaccio. A unique experience that marks the imminent entry of the ring on the market.
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viva tech



For the next Viva Technology we will be hosted by LVMH to present #aeklys for 3 days. ICARE has been selected in the 30 finalists out of the 820 applications submitted to LVMH.
You said potential?

Rendez-vous from 24 to 26 April in Paris!

concours grenoble



Yesterday it was the turn of our cofounder Jéremy Neyrou to represent the colors of ICARE for the Competition - GEM Junior Conseil de Grenoble organized by Nsigma Junior-Entreprise.
ICARE won the public prize!




We will be present at the legends game organized for the association @Pascal Olmeta - A Smile, A Hope for Life in Bastia on Monday, May 14th.

RDV at the stadium!


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