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All starts with the idea to get free of all the constraints of our daily lives : keys, credit cards, batteries... and make the life simple without stress and with security. AEKLYS, the new born from ICARE Technologies is the smart ring which is going to revolutionize the life of the users. Coupled with a phone app, 28 uses can directly be imported into the ring to do everything with a simple movement: "the wave to…".

A futurist idea a couple of years ago, becomes today a concrete innovation in constant evolution with technologies, to become as indispensable as invisible...


100% Autonomous

A permanent energy recovery system integrated in he ring allows a total autonomy.

100% Optimized

To reach a complete autonomy, the development of the components integrated in the ring has been designed to consume as little energy as possible.

100% Reliable

To quickly and safely exploit the potential of Aeklys, the ring includes an anti-theft, anti-copy system and AES 256 encryption.

100% Miniaturized

ICARE Technologies has acquired a strong expertise in miniaturization of microelectronics, to respect the important dimensional constraints of a ring.

Aeklys, the smart ring

Everyday, Man comes into contact with his environment through his hands. Moreover, one of the recurring fears is related to the loss of essential objects in everyday life.

That’s the reason why ICARE Technologies has developed an intelligent ring along with a smartphone app from where settings will be managed.

For safety reasons, this ring is equipped with several patented systems worldwide. Aeklys's main goal is to make life easier for all users. Up to 28 functions integrated in the ring and usable with a simple gesture.

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Movember by Aeklys

A month atypical and more than filled for the startup that has made his ring Aeklys© a globetrotter.

For several months the team take part in all events concerned by the IOT. The IOT world is at the same time vast and made of entrepreneurs who cross each other constantly. The sector is also the one where are organized exhibitions which for some become unavoidable, true meeting places for the biggest investors and companies.

That's why it's important not only to be there and to offer the right product at the right time ... which seems to be the place of the smart ring today.
By choosing specific shows, ICARE makes the difference by proposing its solution where you do not necessarily expect it.

The MILIPOL of Paris was a good introduction to offer the best security systems coupled with identification solutions of the market.
Another team went to DATAJOB in Paris, the opportunity to present the concept in a different way and at the same time to attract potential collaborators.

As soon as these shows were over, a team was already embarking for San Francisco to storm the American market by participating in the IOT TECHEXPO Santa Clara.
Aeklys© welcomed by the public seems to have touched the curious and businesses who see it as a practical and secure solution. A good exercise to prepare the VEGAS CES in January. A Californian sun that was transposed on the Croisette where another team talk about technical at TRUSTECH.

The Aeklys© tour ends with a visit to Russia, where the team has braved the cold to talk with some big brands with whom discussions are underway ... we have not finished hearing about it.



It is with great honor that Le Village by CA Paris selected ICARE to exhibit at the CES in Las Vegas with the support of the Economic Development Agency of Corsica (ADEC).

Never forget that it is thanks to all our partners that the startup is there!

Encore une fois merci à l'Incubateur Inizià
Thanks to Collectivité territoriale de Corse - Cullettivita territuriale di Corsica
Thanks to Communauté D'agglomération Pays Ajaccien
Thanks to CAPA M3E,
Thanks to the Università di Corsica Pasquale Paoli
Thanks to the Pôle Etudiant
Thanks to Fundazione Università
Thanks to Fab Lab Corti - Università di Corsica, Fab Lab Ajaccio
Thanks to Corsican Tech !

Thanks to Qwant, Crédit Agricole, La Poste, GoodBarber, SNCF, Caisse d'Epargne, Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche, et de l'Innovation, Mastercard, Oscaro, Neop, Bpifrance , Proknx, Caisse Des Depots, Business France ...

And many more that we will not be able to reveal, for the moment ...

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