A jewel for endless possibilities.

Three criteria. For one single ring.





A unique design. For a revolutionary product.

The sleek and timless design of Aeklys By Starck symbolize the union of technology with art and create an ultra-modern object, a jewel of smart elegance. Starck’s work on Aeklys tend to dematerialization, by creating with ICARE Technologies a product which can do the most and require the least possible.


Aeklys By Starck replaces all your wallet and your keychain. It integrates up to 28 different features manageable from the ICARE mobile App. Once features are set up, you can walk from home with empty pockets: Aeklys By Starck takes care of everything.


Payment means

Loyalty cards

Transportation tickets

Identification badges


Residential badges

Home keys

Car keys

The essential. One single App.

Aeklys By Starck gets its new features by embedding them straight on the ICARE App. And this is just the beginning.
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Aeklys By Starck has a military security level, which ensures constantly its owner an optimal data protection. Thus, with the patented Wave Control® system, the ring is only activated when the owner wants it to, avoiding data to be stolen.
Plus, every feature can be instantly and remotely deactivated with the ICARE mobile App or any web browser. 


Using contactless NFC technology, Aeklys By Starck is battery-free. Equal to any credit card, transport ticket or key, it works limitless, and doesn’t need to be powered or replaced. And there is no longer any limit to its use.

Technical specifications


Aeklys By Starck is made with ABS plastic, a thermoplastic polymer which allows shockproof and scratchproof. It is also a hypoallergenic material which has no particular risk for the skin.


Its material and its assembly technic warranty Aeklys By Starck to be waterproof no matter the type of water under the IP57 norm.

Compatibility et validity

The contactless payment feature of Aeklys By Starck is compatible with any Visa and Mastercard debit card.

The smart ring

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